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Donate Financially to PREP

Make a Financial Donation to Change a Life; help our clients transition successfully to self-sufficiency.

  • $5,000 trains 5 new instructors in our cognitive behavioral programming

  • $2,500 supports 1 client’s safe residence for 3 months

  • $150 buys emergency clothing and food for a week

  • $100 buys appropriate interview attire 

  • $50 buys a bus pass to get to interviews, work, or school

  • $65 buys a complete men's "Welcome Back" Pack

  • $80 buys a complete women's "Welcome Back" Pack


Financial donations both small and large are welcomed and greatly support our work. To make a financial donation please click the button below.

Donate Items
Leave a one-time financial donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Give Supplies to PREP

“Welcome Back” Packs

When many of our participants leave incarceration, they have nothing.  All the basic hygiene items we take for granted are highly valued essentials for those returning to the community.   PREP likes to welcome back our participants with backpacks that are filled with items that will meet not only their basic needs but will also help them transition more effectively.

 We can always use:

Backpacks                                                  Mini Bars of Soap

Toothpaste                                                 Wash Clothes

Toothbrushes                                             Cleansing Wipes

Disposable Razors                                      Small Laundry Detergent

Mini Cans of Shaving Creme                       Sanitary Napkins

Small Bottles of Shampoo                          Tampons

Small Bottles of Conditioner                      Nail Kits

Small Bottles of Sanitizer                           Boxes of Band-Aids

Small Bottles of Lotion                               Alcohol Pads

Hair Brushes/Combs                                   Ballpoint Pens

Notepads                                                    Water Bottles


$30 Wal-Mart Cards (for essentials not in pack: undergarments, shoes, etc.)

Men & Women Suits, Slacks, Shirts, Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Etc. (for interview attire)

To make a donation of any of the above items please submit the form below.

Donate any of the items above

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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